*New meal replacement 

I’m trying out this meal replacement from the vitamin shoppe and I’m super excited to see what the results are. I’m drinking this shake With a meal twice a day. My goal is to gain a 10 pounds , so I’ll keep you guys updated. 

🍃 Vanilla spiced chai

✨20g protein 

What is Polenta !? 

I was in the organics aisle looking for new things to try and I came across this! ✨ Polenta is Italian  , it can be used as regular hot grits , fried or baked . The fun thing about this is that It just needed to be heated up , which meant little to no wait time. I decided to pair it with baked lightly salted eggplant.

Overall this was a great meal , I would recommend polenta to anyone. If you like grits you will love polenta. 

Spicy veg.beef with rice noodles🙌🏾

I’ve been trying to get into creating new things for my taste buds, because honestly I can eat chick peas with avo all day and be fine but I actually do enjoy sharing dishes with you guys and being amazed at how good some of these things turn out. If it’s not delicious I wouldn’t post it but everyone’s taste buds are different. Okay enough mumbo jumbo lets get into how I made this beauty ✨

  1. Meatless crumbles 
  2. Rice noodles (very first time making and eating these noodles )
  3. Stubbs marinade (soy , red pepper and garlic) and it is spiceeeyyy🔥
  4. Chopped garlic , green pepper and lemon juice (optional, I’m just always a little extra aha)
  5. Kale ( kale really toned down the spice ) 

So there you have it . Simple , Sapid and of course vegan / vegeterian ✨

Golden goodness 

Made by American Bees whaaa!?

I have this weird love for honey , I seriously try to put in on everything ! Not only is honey delicious and an excellent sugar substitute, it’s also very nutritionous and can benefit you in so many ways . Let’s look at a few benefits ✨

  1. Natural energy 
  2. Helps with memory
  3. Cough medicine 
  4. Sleep aid
  5. Moisturizer  
  6. Acne treatment 

So yeah , eat it , drink it , soak in it whatever makes you happy 🙌🏾

Oats yeah ! 

So you know when you have those days where you have to work really early in the morning and you’re rushing to do everything plus you’re hungry ? That’s been my morning for a few days now and a bowl of oats have said me everytime . I got the nut mix from my local farmers market (sprouts ) , bananas, any oats will do …for sweetener I added honey and my favorite sugar (sugar in the raw) and you can’t forget your daily vitamins .. Yum yum yum ! Satisfaction  ❤️

Lentil soup !!

I can eat this everyday ! 

So so good and the ingredients are simple. 

  1. Vegetable broth ( you can use any kind but I’ve tried another kind and I prefer this brand )
  2. Vegan meat crumbles ( yal know I can’t live without them)
  3. Green lentils (or red)
  4. Creole seasoning (chopped onions,garlic,celery and red peppers)
  5. Butter 


  1. Boil lentils in water (until soft)
  2. In a skillet cook your meat crumbles with your chopped vegetables (use butter or olive on in the pan)
  3. Drain your lentils and add them with your crumbles and veggies 
  4. Add broth
  5. Cook on low for 5-10 minutes

La pasta 🍝


  1. Mushrooms
  2. Spinach(frozen or fresh )
  3. Diced tomatoes
  4. Pasta noodles
  5. Red potatoe ( for texture , but taste yummy)

Put all of the yummy ingredients in one pot and let it simmer, it smelled amazing as I was cooking it. I used garlic bread as a side. I was literally full for hours.