1. Vitamin K 
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Iron
  4. High in Fiber 
  5. Copper

A few health benefits of kale , there’s a lot more! You can find kale in most grocery stores for a few cents 🍃


Purple 🍃

  1. Red cabbage 
  2. Brown rice
  3. Home made mash 
  4. Veggie crumbles

*New meal replacement 

I’m trying out this meal replacement from the vitamin shoppe and I’m super excited to see what the results are. I’m drinking this shake With a meal twice a day. My goal is to gain a 10 pounds , so I’ll keep you guys updated. 

🍃 Vanilla spiced chai

✨20g protein 

What is Polenta !? 

I was in the organics aisle looking for new things to try and I came across this! ✨ Polenta is Italian  , it can be used as regular hot grits , fried or baked . The fun thing about this is that It just needed to be heated up , which meant little to no wait time. I decided to pair it with baked lightly salted eggplant.

Overall this was a great meal , I would recommend polenta to anyone. If you like grits you will love polenta. 

Spicy veg.beef with rice noodles🙌🏾

I’ve been trying to get into creating new things for my taste buds, because honestly I can eat chick peas with avo all day and be fine but I actually do enjoy sharing dishes with you guys and being amazed at how good some of these things turn out. If it’s not delicious I wouldn’t post it but everyone’s taste buds are different. Okay enough mumbo jumbo lets get into how I made this beauty ✨

  1. Meatless crumbles 
  2. Rice noodles (very first time making and eating these noodles )
  3. Stubbs marinade (soy , red pepper and garlic) and it is spiceeeyyy🔥
  4. Chopped garlic , green pepper and lemon juice (optional, I’m just always a little extra aha)
  5. Kale ( kale really toned down the spice ) 

So there you have it . Simple , Sapid and of course vegan / vegeterian ✨

Golden goodness 

Made by American Bees whaaa!?

I have this weird love for honey , I seriously try to put in on everything ! Not only is honey delicious and an excellent sugar substitute, it’s also very nutritionous and can benefit you in so many ways . Let’s look at a few benefits ✨

  1. Natural energy 
  2. Helps with memory
  3. Cough medicine 
  4. Sleep aid
  5. Moisturizer  
  6. Acne treatment 

So yeah , eat it , drink it , soak in it whatever makes you happy 🙌🏾

Oats yeah ! 

So you know when you have those days where you have to work really early in the morning and you’re rushing to do everything plus you’re hungry ? That’s been my morning for a few days now and a bowl of oats have said me everytime . I got the nut mix from my local farmers market (sprouts ) , bananas, any oats will do …for sweetener I added honey and my favorite sugar (sugar in the raw) and you can’t forget your daily vitamins .. Yum yum yum ! Satisfaction  ❤️