Relax your mind , its tea time β˜•οΈ

Hey everyone ! I just received my package πŸ“¦ from Mountain rose Herbs 🌿 and I am beyond excited to share what I received with you guys. What’s amazing about this company is that everything is organic and you receive a pamphlet with all of the information you will need about their products. 

*Tea ball was purchased at Walmart for a little over a $1 

  1. Chamomile tea | Great for relaxation , also helps you sleep at night so anyone suffering from insomnia this would be  great for you|
  2. Damiana leaf| used as an aphrodisiac by the native people of Mexico , Mayans as well. Used for depression, alcohol replacement and people who suffer with menstrual issues|
  3. UVA Ursi| As a nutritional  supplement UVA ursi is used as a muscle relaxant also tightens inflamed tissues. 


Welcome to my kitchen where random but hopefully beneficial things are created. I am Paradyce , pronounced ( Paradise) ! I created this blog to share my amazing vegetarianism journey with you guys plus I love taking pictures. I am NOT a chef I r e p e a t I am NOT a chef aha! But I hope I create/recreate things so mouthwatering that you'll share them with your loved ones. Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy. What are some of your favorite vegetarian foods?

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