Simple lunch 🌮🌽

Let’s talk for a second , this was my first time boiling corn that I shucked personally.  I’ve watched many of my loved ones cook fresh shucked corn. It was pretty simple and  quick. What made me even happier was that at the local grocery store I got them from had them on sale 6 for $2! What a great deal and what vegeterian doesn’t love A good deal on veggies?

​​As you guys know I love my veggie crumbles and added sriracha to my wraps, it was yum! 

Hope you enjoy! 



Welcome to my kitchen where random but hopefully beneficial things are created. I am Paradyce , pronounced ( Paradise) ! I created this blog to share my amazing vegetarianism journey with you guys plus I love taking pictures. I am NOT a chef I r e p e a t I am NOT a chef aha! But I hope I create/recreate things so mouthwatering that you'll share them with your loved ones. Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy. What are some of your favorite vegetarian foods?

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